Did you know?

AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 products do not allow buildup on packing and demisters reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Emissions & Odor

ODOR CONTROL - Broad Spectrum Effectiveness

There is an AiR8 solution for almost any odor situation. We can meet the challenges, regardless of the cause – H2S, amines, ammonia, solvents, etc. By replacing harsh chemicals such as strong acids, chlorine and caustics, we are helping industry with environmental solutions for their workers and their children's future.

AiR8 Custom Solutions

An AiR8 system is custom engineered to meet your needs. We take into account your specific situation, requirements and logistics. We address your problem scientifically, and present realistic solutions with low or no capital cost. We are at your service through the entire process, whether it's an upgrade or replacement system:

  • Site Analysis — What emissions/compounds are causing you the problems? Where are they coming from? What needs to be done to meet compliance standards? In our site analysis, details such as odor load, air flow, temperature, humidity, air pressure and other elements specific to your situation are considered.
  • System Design — What program can be designed that effectively and efficiently solves your problem? Factors include available resources, climate, work area, size restraints, outdoor/indoor, exposure and durability requirements. Can any of your existing equipment be retrofitted or modified?
  • Equipment Installation — We install the system and provide onsite operating and maintenance training.
  • System Optimization — After the system is installed and operating, it is optimized for performance and cost effectiveness.