Did you know?

AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 products do not allow buildup on packing and demisters reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Air8 Pre-conditioning

The Air8 pre-conditioning system drastically increases the efficiency (up to 99%) of a typical packed scrubber system.

The Pre-conditioner functions by spraying high velocity, small particle size scrubbing solution into the gas stream prior to the packed scrubber. This allows for enhanced particulate and gas absorption into the scrubbing solution which is then more easily dropped into the water ballast of the packed scrubber. The small droplet size also allows for enhanced heat adsorption, this cooling effect helps lower emissions by allowing the products still contained within the gas stream to condensate more readily.

AiR8 Pre-conditioners consist of an arrangement of atomizing nozzles mounted in the airflow upstream of the packed scrubber. Spray bars are installed in the airflow ducting with an appropriate number of nozzles at the ideal location for maximum contact. The system uses potable or city water, it injects the scrubbing solution and then pressurizes the solution to 1000 PSI for spraying. This solution will be captured by the packed scrubber and can be used for the make up water. Unspent solution will then be circulated by the packed scrubber, further enhancing efficiency. The blow down rate of the packed scrubber can typically be adjusted to what is received from the preconditioning unit, resulting in an overall water usage of less than half of what the packed scrubber had required previously.


Some of the common compounds that can be controlled by AiR Technology are:

• Hydrogen Sulfide
• Sulphur Dioxide
• Methyl Mercaptan
• Skatoles
• Indoles
• Amines


AiR8 Control Modules are available in various flow capacities and can be mobile or stationary, electric, gas or air driven. Modules are computer compatible with data logging capability. Configurations can range form 2 to 1000 nozzles.