Did you know?

AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 products do not allow buildup on packing and demisters reducing long-term maintenance costs.

Case Histories

Our customers have had remarkable successes in a variety of applications. Following are some of their stories. Specific names and locations have been omitted to protect our clients’ confidentiality. We would be pleased provide specifics to serious enquiring parties.

1. Major Rendering Plant

These facilities receive expired animals and animal parts that are cooked and rendered down to components that will be eventually used in manufacturing other animal feeds. The odors from the rooms and processes are pulled through a variety of packed scrubbers containing Acid, Caustic and Chlorine before being expelled into atmosphere. The air leaving the plants stacks, at times still had high odor load and a strong smell of bleach. The plants are located extremely close to local residences and have been under constant public scrutiny to lower their odorous emissions. Pre-conditioners injecting AiR8 were installed prior to the scrubbers to solve the problem. With the pre-conditioners in place, chlorine and caustic could be eliminated from the scrubber water and the blow down rate of the scrubber was reduced in half. The successful installations reduced odorous emissions from 2 locations in Canada resulting in lower odor complaints for similar costs to using Chlorine and Caustic.

2. Large Composting Facility

This facility receives grass clippings and organic waste that is reduced using a composting process. This process creates heat and odor as a by-product that is expelled into the local atmosphere. When the plant was originally built there were not any local housing developments, however that changed recently. These new residences had been constantly complaining that the smell of the compost was entering their yards and demanded action be taken. This application was done completely outdoors and did not have the luxury of containment from a building or stack. A spray system was set up in places where the emissions were in the highest concentrations to contact as much of the odor prior to entering the local air shed. Complaints have been successfully eliminated during the operation of the odor control system.


3. Drum Recycler

A large drum recycling facility located in the oil patch of Alberta, Canada receives spent drums containing residues of various harsh chemicals used in various oil refining operations. The facility cleans the drums using steam and then refinishes the drums prior to reselling them. The air is captured from the cleaning process and processed through a packed scrubber. The scrubber was still emitting enough odors to cause complaints from local businesses. One of the businesses was a bottler of sodas and was afraid that the emissions were contaminating their beverages. After installing a pre-conditioning system and adding AiR8 to the scrubber batch water they have successfully eliminated the complaints.

4. Fish Feed Manufacturer

One of the largest fish feed manufacturers in North America is located in the middle of a busy suburb of a large North American city. The air from their rooms and cooking processes are pulled through a packed scrubber that treats the emissions using a strong acid. The residual odors leaving the facility are still strong enough to make rise with the local residences and therefore the local municipalities. Initially a post conditioning system was set-up following the scrubbers and while this reduced complaints the system configured in this way was inefficient and expansive to operate. The system is now being re-configured to be installed as a pre-conditioner to the scrubbers so that a high efficiency can be achieved while keeping the system cost effective at doing a full scrub of the odorous emissions.


5. Blood Drying Facility

A facility located in USA receives various animal waste including blood that is processed using a spray drying system. The odors created from the plant are pushed through a series of scrubbers using a highly specialized and expensive acid for neutralization. The plant had been receiving neighborhood complaints from their odors and the genuine concern of the plant using such toxic chemicals for scrubbing had them seeking a better solution. The Air8 system was installed using a pre-conditioner and injecting chemical directly into the scrubbers replacing the acid. The results were higher odor scrubbing and lower operating costs than the specialized acid while using a chemical that was easy to handle and dispose to sewer. The location of the plant is in one of the strictest states for air quality.

6. Sewage Plant

A sewer plant located near an airport and a high end housing development had a few of their main digesters break down and started dumping untreated sewage into their open lagoons. A number of options were considered in order to neutralize the odors while the digesters were being repaired. The solution that was enacted was spraying AiR8 Aqua Oil from a crop dusting helicopter. Immediately after the first application of the product the odors had receded. After the landing the helicopter pilot made the comment, “Wow, on my first pass I wanted to get sick from the smell, but on the second pass I could not smell the sewage at all!” The application had to be repeated once a month until the digesters were back online three months later.