Did you know?

AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 products do not allow buildup on packing and demisters reducing long-term maintenance costs.

The Mechanism

There are three mechanisms of action that can occur, based on the chemical and physical natures of each terpene and active ingredient versus the organic and inorganic volatile compounds.

Absorption — the attraction of the different reactive sites on the AiR8 active ingredient molecules will attract and non-permanently bind with the low molecular, high weight compound (VOC).
Absorb: To retain wholly, without reflection or transmission, what is taken in.

Adsorption — All VOCs and odorous compounds have a solubility factor in AiR8 active ingredients. This solubility will allow the VOC compound to solubilize itself in the presence of AiR8, relative to the chemistry of the emission, temperature, pH, and pressure of the environment.
Adsorb: To collect and hold (gas or vapor) in the surface of a solid.

Chemical Reaction (The “Pairs” Theory**) — This involves the permanent bonding of the odorous molecule (VOC) and the AiR8 active ingredients reactive sites. This mechanism transforms the pollutant in its basic properties. As a result, odor disappears.

** The “Pairs Theory” is based on the work of Zwaardermaker, an early 20th century Dutch scientist. The Zwaardermaker Pairs Theory concludes that two or more odors can cancel each other out when they combine in a natural bond like attraction.

The affinity of the different odorous compounds (VOCs) with Air8 is directly relative to their chemical composition and physical state. For example, a hydrogen sulfite can have a great affinity for certain sites of the AiR8 active ingredient. It can either bond electrostatically, or react in comparison to its relative solubility. This means different components will be neutralized by one mechanism compared to the other two, or a blend of each of the three.

The bottom line is AiR8 is not a masking agent but offers a safe, effective way to permanently eliminate odors and emissions.