Did you know?

AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 products do not allow buildup on packing and demisters reducing long-term maintenance costs.

About Us

Harness the power of nature! Nature provides and science delivers the power to obliterate offensive odors naturally without harmful chemicals. Air8’s formulations utilize this power and have been proven effective through years of applied science in industrial odor removal, destroying odors at a molecular level rather than simply masking them. Air8 is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to use around people and animals.

Air8’s high performance odor eliminating formulations have been proven safe and effective for 20 years in the harshest of applications. Whether odors are organic or inorganic, Air8 non-toxic formulations will permanently eliminate those unwanted odor molecules, it is not a masking agent.

Air8 formulations are produced by Odorchem Manufacturing Corp and have been used successfully in industrial applications over two decades to eliminate both airborne odors and odors trapped in various materials. Air8 is used globally in applications such as waste treatment facilities, chemical plants, fish processing plants, hotels, commercial warehouses, restaurants and many other industries globally, wherever unwanted odors are a concern. Odorchem Manufacturing Corp will custom-formulate and produce safe and effective solutions for our customer’s specific needs. Contact us to discuss how Air8 can help eliminate your unique odor challenges.