AiR8 greatly enhances water’s ability to scrub airborne particles.

AiR8 scrubbing solutions are a combination of hardware (scrubbing systems) and a chemical formulation that enhances the scrubbing ability of water, as described in the Science of AiR8. These formulations are created in 4 separate media - Liquid, Gel, Aqua Oil and Penetrator.

AiR8 Liquid formulation is used in pre-conditioners in conjunction with packed scrubbers to remove airborne emissions and odors.

This highly effective formula is safe for handling, and safe to flush to sewers.

A cleaner, safer work environment improves worker morale and can increase productivity. Replacing acid, chlorine and caustic in scrubbers can greatly reduce hazardous situations and often increase the effective amount of odor control.

This hydroscopic polymer has been saturated with a water-based formulation of active ingredients in order to slowly release into the air.

AiR8 GEL is NOT a MASKING AGENT. It is a permanent solution for the treatment of numerous odors.

The efficacy of AiR8 depends upon its correct application.

AiR8 Gel is used in the Hurricane cabinet system.