AiR8 Pre-Conditioning Systems will rejuvenate old scrubbers at less than 10% of the replacement cost.

AiR8 scrubbing solutions are designed for different problems using various types of systems - either alone or in concert with each other. We provide effective VOC & emission abatement and/or odor control in indoor and outdoor environments utilizing the following systems.

The AiR8 Scrubber Strategy features the exclusive, patented REITHER™ system for sub-micron particles and variable gas flows. Efficient for acid mists and aerosols, the Air8 Scrubber System is easy to control, maintain, and delivers high performance. Click Here for details.

Our pre-conditioning systems will enhance intimate contact of the gas stream with the scrubbing media. High pressure, low volume spray nozzles accelerate the scrubbing solution to high velocities and small particle size to enhance contact with emission within the gas stream. The contacted emissions will then be dropped out much more effectively by the packed scrubber. This system also allows reduced water usage in the scrubber and can also eliminate the need for additional chemicals in the scrubber such as acid, chlorine and caustic. Click Here for details.

The AiR8 Hurricane is ideal for closed environments such as laboratories and offices where personnel are in close proximity to VOCs and odors. Click Here for details.