The AiR8 Hurricane is ideal for large indoor plant areas where personnel are in close proximity to VOCs and odors.

The Hurricane is designed for the indoor industrial job sites. It is ideal for controlling odor situations for large enclosed areas (up to 50,000 square feet). The following applications can benefit from the use of the Hurricane:

  • Large lift stations

  • Solid waste holding rooms

  • Wastewater treatment process rooms:
    Thickeners, screeners & dewatering rooms

  • Rendering plants

  • In-plant composting facilities

  • Bio-technology: Fermentation rooms

  • Manufacturing and warehousing areas

  • Larger garbage collecting areas

  • Fish processing plants

The heart of the Hurricane is an 1100-CFM scroll fan that uniformly evaporates AiR8 Gel into the air, allowing neutralization of all odors in the area.The unit is designed with the following features:

  • 1100-CFM Scroll fan

  • 316-Stainless Steel corrosion-resistant cabinet and trays, and full accessibility inside the unit.

  • Timer and variable output switch

  • Easy maintenance Trays to hold AiR8 Gel.

  • 4 wheels for complete mobility around the room.

The use of the HURRICANE in combination with AiR8 provides a safe, effective, and economical solution for controlling nuisance odors.