Most scrubbing systems are designed for less than 80% efficiencies upon installation. As these systems age and changes are made to processes, these efficiencies can drop even further. Until 99% or better scrubbing can be achieved it is likely that there will be little perception that the odor of the emission has been improved.

Is air quality expensive? Not anymore!

It used to cost an unproportional amount to scrub out the remaining 20% of emissions, making it more cost effective to put up with the odor complaints. Now there is a powerful yet simple answer that is guaranteed to work. All this at a cost that will fit into most budgets.

Pre-Conditioning Scrubbers

High Efficiency
REITHER™ Scrubbers

Indoor Odor

Until recently, many of solutions prescribed have inherent problems, such as using hazardous chemicals, high volume water usage, nominal scrubbing efficiencies and high maintenance costs. AiR8 addresses all of these issues and presents solutions that are highly efficient, environmentally safe, and economically sound. Our high performance processes can replace, supplement or enhance existing systems.

We are confident in our solutions and we offer an industry first performance guarantee.

Air quality problems, and their solutions, are unique to each industry and situation. That’s been our experience so we engineer and provide custom solutions to each application. We have found that our systems can successfully meet the challenges presented — effectively, safely and efficiently. And most importantly, with low or no capital costs.